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What the rise of Anas Sarwar reveals about the state of Scottish politics

The winds of change are blowing through Scottish politics. After over a decade of domination, both at Holyrood and in Scottish seats at Westminster, a feeling of unease is creeping into the ranks of the Scottish National Party (SNP). If the Supreme Court’s ruling on a second independence referendum was an expected, if difficult, setback… Read more »

News Feature
The Conservative party is suffering from ‘long Boris’

Are sleaze scandals and lax standards undermining your platform of “professionalism”? Are your MPs depressed and anxious about their long-term futures? Is the feeling of forthcoming electoral annihilation leaving said MPs myopic about a predecessor’s indiscretions? The symptoms, I’m afraid, amount to a malignant case of “long Boris”. The thinking behind “long Boris” — a… Read more »