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Putin: Focused on using energy advantage in PHD

Standing up to the bear: Ukraine crisis weans Europe off Russian gas

Britain will use G7 to push leading economies away from dependence on Russian oil, energy secretary says

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  • Tens of thousands of landowners are claiming their manorial rights for first time

    Fracking blight as households warned of mining rights

    Thousands of households receive letters warning that the land beneath their homes could be used for mining, prompting fears that landowners will seek to cash in on the government's plans for widespread fracking across the UK.

  • 'Not for Shale': anti-fracking protesters in Perth last year

    Public to be 'bribed' into backing fracking

    Local authorities will be allowed to keep 100% of business rates from fracking sites, while local people could be handed up to one per cent of revenues in an attempt to head off opposition.

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