Forty-four MPs have expenses claims rejected

Ipsa paid out £3.2 million over November and December
Ipsa paid out £3.2 million over November and December

By staff

A total of 44 MPs had their expenses claims rejected in the final two months of 2010, the parliamentary watchdog has revealed.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) rejected the claims - worth £9,998.

The news came as a new batch of MPs' expenses is released by the watchdog, which paid out £3.2 million in expenses over November and December.

The payments resulted from 26,500 claims, although some of these may relate to before the period in question.

Ipsa continues to be a source of controversy for many MPs, who complain that its overly bureaucratic structure interferes with their parliamentary and constituency work.

David Cameron is understood to have recently expressed sympathy with backbench Tory MPs at a private meeting, saying the system was 'anti-family'.


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