With polls incredibly close, turnout will decide Thursday's result.

Recrimination in Westminster as 'Yes' sees victory in its grasp

David Cameron and Ed Miliband scrabbling to anticipate fallout from referendum

Boris Johnson unveiling designs for his new Routemaster-style bus

Heat on Boris Johnson's new bus breaches legal limit for livestock

Faulty air conditioning found to be blowing hot air into buses.

'Saharan smog' settling over London earlier this year.

Government given red card for failing to tackle UK's toxic air

Harmful pollutants have increased since 2010.

Alex Salmond talks to Politics.co.uk: 'England is very capable of self-government'

Alex Salmond: England can govern itself, too

Alex Salmond tells Politics.co.uk he has "great confidence" the English can govern themselves


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    Prison book ban

    Authors and prison reform campaigners join forces to get Chris Grayling to think again on his ban on sending books to prisoners.

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    Britain's great energy debate

    Can you tackle climate change without ruining our quality of life? Politics.co.uk takes an in-depth look at an issue with no easy solutions.