Alistair Carmichael: Deep regret

Nikileaks: Former Scottish secretary admits Sturgeon leak

Alistair Carmichael expresses regret for leaking controversial memo

Boris Johnson: No longer the cabbies' friend

Boris Johnson defends 'market forces' killing black cab trade

London mayor says cabbies must recognise consumer demand

Locked in: Criticism of Rainsbrook from inspectors

G4S-run prison criticised for racism and staff drug use

A prison run by G4S saw children subjected to racist comments and staff who worked while under the influence of illegal drugs, an official report has found.

Farage: Under threat but remains dominant figure in Ukip

Farage row: Senior Ukip figures try to drag party to the centre

The battle over Ukip's soul continued today after an influential figure in the party suggested the party needed to moderate its language if it was to win greater electoral success.


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