"The new regulations mean NHS professionals working in the community will be forced to charge patients up front if they are not entitled to free NHS treatment"

School nurses could be forced to deny migrant children treatment under new rules

New rules mean school nurses and health visitors could be forced to turn children away

"Between June 14th 2017 to July 14th 2017, 580 households (not including Grenfell survivors) were moved out of their local borough"

Social cleansing: Hundreds of families moved out of London boroughs immediately after Grenfell

In a four week period hundreds of households were moved out of London boroughs

"The true sanctions figures are actually likely to be higher"

Benefit sanctions shoot up 50% in six months

Sanctions imposed on people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit rose from 18,994 last July to 33,860 in December

"The news raises the possibility that MPs are reporting their own constituents to the authorities when they have come to them for help."

Revealed: MPs using immigration enforcement hotline to report people to the Home Office

MPs accused of a "fundamental betrayal of trust" for tipping off the Home Office


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