Anti-corruption report doesn't even mention party funding

There's two politician-sized holes in Britain's new anti-corruption plan

There's two gaping holes in the government's much-delayed anti-corruption plan which was finally released today – and it's the politicians who are escaping scot-free.

Working from home: Or not, if you're a councillors claiming travel expenses

Austerity, what austerity? Councillors are getting a secret pay bump this Christmas

Despite all the austerity faced by local government, councillors were handed an unnoticed tax break in this year's autumn statement. It's outrageous – but who in Westminster is going to complain?

The Facebook-organised protest challenges new regulations restricting online pornography

Parliament's strangest protest: The mass face sit-in

Parliament faces one of its most bizarre protests as liberal-minded campaigners demonstrate against pornographic censorship by sitting on each other's faces

Norwich Cathedral - a symbol of the Church of England's position as the established church in England

'Systemic discrimination' against non-believers

Non-religious groups face "systemic discrimination" in Britain, an international report has found.


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    Britain's great energy debate

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    Prison book ban

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