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Phoenix Group comments on the triple lock analysis in The Times

“Decisions around the state pension triple lock carry huge political significance given the impact on a large proportion of the electorate. Over half of retirees derive the majority of their retirement income from the state pension*, so any changes to the triple lock will have a material impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of… Read more »

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SNP look set to take power in next year's Holyrood polls
SNP ‘set for May victory’

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is on course to become the biggest party north of the border after next May’s Holyrood elections, a new survey finds. An ICM poll for the Scotsman finds that if there was an election tomorrow, the nationalists would have 43 MSPs, Labour would have 38 and the Liberal Democrats 25…. Read more »

SNP leader Alex Salmond calls for loose cooperation of UK nations
Scottish independence debate heats up

Alex Salmond will tomorrow call for a loose partnership of countries in the United Kingdom as exists in Scandinavia, as the debate over Scottish devolution heats up. The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader will highlight the Nordic council, which includes Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, as an example of how Scotland, England and Ireland could… Read more »