PCC Elections – BASC Needs You

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will take place on 2 May 2024 and provide the perfect opportunity for the shooting community to find out where local Police and Crime Commissioner candidates stand on firearms licensing.

BASC has launched a contact platform which allows you to search for your local PCC candidates by police force and are asking members to email their prospective candidates using the electronic contact platform in advance of the election.

In England and Wales, PCCs are responsible for holding Chief Constables to account. They also preside over the police budget and Policing Plan.

Consequently, PCCs play a vital part in ensuring local police forces fulfil statutory obligations on firearms licensing and deliver the service in an efficient and effective manner, while protecting public safety.

Head of firearms at BASC, Martin Parker, said:

“Your PCC is the only person who can hold the Chief Constable to account for a force’s performance in regard to firearms licensing.

“Historically, PCC elections have a low turnout – so find out where prospective candidates stand on