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Thirty people injured and one person died at this crash on the M5 in 2012

Raising speed limits for lorries is evidence-free policy at its worst

Government experts say it will make roads more dangerous.

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  • IET: New Government Framework could lead to higher risk of accidents on UK roads

    Europe’s largest organisation of engineers, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), says the loss of focus brought about by the removal of road safety targets could lead to more road traffic accidents in different parts of the country.

  • Save lives, safer roads, lower the drink-drive limit

    The Institute of Alcohol Studies call for a reduction in the legal drink-drive limit in this animation.

  • BMF: Farewell MOTs, Hello RWTs

    New EU Proposals for Road Worthiness Tests to replace MOTs: In response to many concerns over the proposed new EU Road Worthiness Tests, the BMF have produced a briefing document, ‘The EU, MOTs, RWTs and You’ summarising the proposal’s main effects.

  • England & Wales lag behind neighbours on drink driving

    England and Wales left with the highest drink-drive limit in Europe after Malta announces plans to lower legal blood alcohol content for drivers Road safety groups and emergency services call for England and Wales to follow suit No progress on UK drink driving deaths since 2010 Public opinion polls show 77% in favour of a lower legal limit

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