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BASC responds to general election announcement

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a general election to be held on 4 July. This is undoubtedly an important election for shooting and conservation. Shooting plays a key role in the economy and the conservation and management of the countryside, and any incoming government will have to be alert to the needs of… Read more »

Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
Jersey votes to legalise assisted dying

The States Assembly of Jersey has voted to legalise assisted dying for terminally ill people. In a landmark vote, Jersey’s politicians have voted in favour of compassion, autonomy, and the rights of people who are dying. Humanists UK and Channel Islands Humanists have welcomed the historic vote. A significant majority of 31 Assembly members vote… Read more »

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Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh met with Tony Blair
Blair defends India in nuclear row

Tony Blair today defended the right of India to have nuclear weapons while condemning North Korea’s ambitions to do the same. Speaking after a meeting with Indian prime minister Manmoham Singh, Mr Blair insisted “proper functioning democracies” did not pose the same threat to international peace and security as countries such as North Korea. The… Read more »

Margaret Beckett calls for sanctions against North Korea
UK calls for sanctions against North Korea

Britain will be pushing for sanctions against North Korea following news that it has carried out a first test of nuclear weapons, the foreign secretary has said. Margaret Beckett described the test – which is in defiance of UN security council resolutions – as a “highly irresponsible and provocative act”. Members of the security council… Read more »