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Brian Haw has been camped outside parliament for nine years
Brian Haw arrested ahead of Queen’s arrival

By staff The arrival of the Queen for the state opening of parliament has been marred by the arrest of Brian Haw, a peace campaigner. Mr Haw has been protesting in Parliament Square since 2001, and has survived several attempts to move him. But the peace campaigner was held while police searched the ‘peace… Read more »

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Hague has set up the torture inquiry in one of his first acts as foreign secretary
Hague triggers torture inquiry

By staff An inquiry into whether Britain has been complicit in torture of terrorist suspects will take place, William Hague has confirmed. In one of his first acts as foreign secretary, Mr Hague has directly challenged the actions of his predecessor, David Miliband, who repeatedly insisted he had nothing to hide. If any questionable… Read more »

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