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Dame Stella has already opposed ID cards
MI5 head: Govt spreads fear

By staff The former head of MI5 has hit out at the way government has spread fear around society to overrule British civil liberties. The unprecedented intervention by Dame Stella Rimington came in an article to Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia and published in the Daily Telegraph. “It would be better that the government recognised… Read more »

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Binyam Mohammed, British resident and Guantanamo inmate
MI5 agent: Torture complicity ‘legal’

By staff New allegations of complicity in torture have been levelled against the government amid claims Whitehall told MI5 agents they could question terror suspects they believed had been tortured by foreign security services. Binyam Mohamed – the last British resident at Guantanamo Bay – is among a group of UK citizens and residents… Read more »

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