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Covid-19 has led to global humanist crackdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many countries cracking down on humanists’ freedom of thought and expression, with some countries blaming the non-religious for the pandemic, while the restrictions imposed by many others have left closeted humanists trapped with their hostile families. Those are the findings of this year’s Freedom of Thought Report, published today… Read more »

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Nigel Farage who is standing against John Bercow
Unseating Bercow will ‘kick in the door’ say UKIP

By Stephen Slominski All Ukip’s candidates were drafted into Buckingham, John Bercow’s constituency at the weekend, in support of Nigel Farage, the party’s former leader, who is standing against the Speaker. The other main parties are not fielding candidates, as is the convention in the speaker’s constituency. Back in his Eastleigh constituency on Sunday night,… Read more »

Lib Dem candidate for the Wrekin steps down over abuse allegations
Wrekin: Liberal Democrat candidate steps down over abuse allegation

By Shuhel Ahmed and Aled Thomas The Liberal Democrat candidate for The Wrekin today dropped out of the election campaign after accusations of sexual abuse. Candidate David Murray from Ash Grove in Albrigton, West Midlands, was advised by senior party officials to withdraw from the campaign just six days after it officially started. Mr Murray,… Read more »