Election race wide open, Brown admits

By politics.co.uk staff

The election race is “wide open”, Gordon Brown will admit today, as the Liberal Democrats slip above Labour in the polls.

The prime minister is preparing himself for a weekend campaign blitz over the next two days, as he desperately tries to wrestle back control of the agenda after Nick Clegg’s pivotal win in the leaders’ debate last Thursday.

In a speech to activists in Bedford, Mr Brown will say that Liberal Democrat policies will unravel when the media and the other parties begin t properly scrutinise them.

Mr Brown later gave a speech on foreign policy, the subject of next week’s debate on Sky, at Open University.

At the start of the speech he criticised Consrvative policy but did not mention his Lib Dem rivals.

The Tories are also coming out fighting against the Lib Dem threat today, with David Cameron and Ken Clarke both warning a vote for the third party could make a hung parliament more likely.

Mr Clarke warned that a hung parliament could throw the country back into recession, but recent polls indicate most voters would prefer to see a hung parliament over any party winning outright.