Brown: Clegg’s honeymoon won’t last

By Ian Dunt

Nick Clegg’s period of popularity will be “short”, Gordon Brown has suggested.

Speaking at a press conference on the economic recovery this morning, Mr Brown said of his Lib Dem opponent: “I know a little about what it is to have a short political honeymoon.

“You go through these phases. I wish him well in it. But at the end of the day everyone knows there are serious questions to be answered.”

The prime minister went on to draw several comparisons between Labour and the Lib Dems, saying they both supported a referendum on electoral reform, reform of the House of Lords and a right of recall for MPs.

But he cited problems with the Lib Dem’s economic policies.

“The people must decide at this election who they want,” Mr Brown went on.

“We believe we have the best programme. We don’t really think the other parties have that. We want a majority at this election.”

The prime minister enjoyed a brief period of popularity just after entering Downing Street in summer 2007, as he dealt competently with a terrorist attack, a foot and mouth disease outbreak and severe flooding.