Asians prefer Brown for curry night

By staff

Asian voters would most like to invite Gordon Brown to their home to enjoy a curry, a survey has suggested.

Research by pollsters ICM for the BBC’s Asian Network found 35% would prefer the prime minister to visit for a biriyani, compared to 28% preferring David Cameron and just eight per cent backing Nick Clegg.

An ICM Guardian poll published earlier this week found 55% of the wider population would vote in the general election, but today’s research found just 44% of voters from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds intended to do so.

Asian voters could be vital for the general election, as there is a significant Asian population (at least nine per cent) in 14 of the Conservatives’ top 100 target seats.

A majority felt the next government needs to be tougher on immigration, while the economy, NHS, education and foreign policy were the biggest issues bothering Asian voters.