Cameron: Vote Clegg, get Brown

By Ian Dunt

David Cameron has again warned voters that a vote for Nick Clegg could leave Labour in power.

“It is the Conservatives who offer decisive change, anything else and you risk being stuck with what you have got,” Mr Cameron said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

The response comes as the party fights the temptation to ‘go negative’ against the Lib Dems, despite Britain’s third party now taking the top spot in several polls.

Officials are still assessing how best to counter the new Lib Dem threat, but the assumption is that going negative will merely validate the party even further in the eyes of the electorate.

“I am sure plenty of other people will now scrutinise Liberal Democrat policies in huge detail, and I am sure that it is a very worthwhile thing to do,” Mr Cameron said.

“But what I want to do in the remaining 18 days of this campaign is to make the case for a different prime minister for Britain, to make the case that if you want to solve the problems we have, then it is decisive change we need, and that is what we offer, and all other options manifestly fail.”

But the Tory leader appeared to accept he would need to be more aggressive towards Mr Clegg in next Thursday’s leaders’ debate.

Most pundits were unimpressed with Mr Cameron’s performance in the ITV debate, and he will have to significantly raise his game if he is to stop the Lib Dems building momentum.

“This is about trying to argue for the changes you want, and the change in leadership you believe the country needs, rather than trying to pretend this is about debating points,” he said.

“If you want to be sure of a change of leadership after May 6th, if you want decisive government, if you want to get things done, if you want to get the economy moving, if you want to mend the broken society, then it is the Conservatives that offer that decisive change – anything else and you risk being stuck with what you have got.”