Public uncomfortable with hung parliament

By staff

Only three per cent of voters are happy with the result of the general election, a poll has suggested.

Research from Sky News, which questioned 1,814 people from May 7th to May 10th, found nearly two-thirds said the result of the election left them feeling pessimistic about prospects for the next six months.

The hung parliament, with the Conservatives 20 seats short of an overall majority, has triggered days of coalition talk negotiations with the Liberal Democrats in the position of deciding who to back.

Sixty-one per cent would have preferred a less ambiguous result, according to the poll. Its findings suggest a shift in the public mood after widespread support for a hung parliament before polling day.

Labour finished second in terms of number of seats in the Commons. But Gordon Brown’s presence as leader does not appear to have made a significant difference.

The prime minister finally announced the terms of his departure yesterday after three years of speculation about whether his leadership would have a negative impact on Labour.

According to the Sky poll only nine per cent would “probably” have backed Labour headed by another figure. Eighty-two per cent said he did not make any difference.