The polls: Britain is split

By Aled Thomas

New polls suggest the country is split over which sort of government it wants to see emerge from talks.

A poll in the Sun published today gives 20% to a minority Tory administration and 33% to a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition.

The paper, which has vociferously supported the Conservatives through the campaign, reported that “fewer than two in five”, or less than 40%, want a coalition of Labour, the Lib Dems, nationalists and other minor parties.

Its poll also found that 47% favoured a system of PR for elections with 38% preferring the current system.

Meanwhile a poll conducted by YouGov for the Sunday Times found the country split down the middle over what should happen.

While 62% felt Gordon Brown should not remain as PM, 31%, the highest number, favoured a Labour/LibDem ‘rainbow’ coalition as a future government. That was only two points ahead of the 29% who want a Lib Dem/Tory deal, with a minority government led by David Cameron desired by 19%.

Just 14% of those polled wanted a grand coalition of all three parties.

The same poll found, however, that 40% thought Nick Clegg should do a deal with the Tories, 37% wanted him to make a pact with Labour and 15% said he should do neither.