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BASC responds to Scottish Government’s announcement on deer management

Scotland’s Net Zero Secretary today announced the government’s climate change plans, including details on how these new measures will affect deer management in Scotland. The Scottish Government has stated they ‘will build on the current Cairngorms Deer Pilot to develop a national scheme which incentivises increased management and investment in the venison supply chain’. Peter… Read more »

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Government resists growing calls for energy windfall tax

Downing Street says the government’s position on a windfall tax for energy companies remains unchanged, despite a huge surge in profits for energy giants BP and Shell in recent days. In this morning’s Downing Street lobby briefing, the prime minister’s spokesperson said he “wasn’t aware in a change of position” on a windfall tax, despite… Read more »

Minister claims to 'absolutely recognise' cost of living issues ahead of dramatic energy price jump
Minister ‘very proud’ of cost of living response

A minister has stressed that he is “very, very proud” of the government’s measures to tackle cost of living issues. Foreign minister James Cleverly said the cabinet “absolutely recognise” the issues associated with the fifty per cent energy price cap jump set to be rolled out from April. This morning Ofgem is scheduled to confirm… Read more »