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"It's a rather humdrum Queen's Speech for a weird period in the political cycle"

Vague, meaningless and misleading: The worst bits of the Queen's Speech

The Queen's speech included plenty of rhetoric but very little substance

  • Hemel Hempstead, nestled in thoroughly Conservative Hertfordshire

    On the doorstep: Conservatives hampered in Hemel

    The sun is shining on Conservative canvassers in Hemel Hempstead. They are well-organised and can afford to be cheerful – but frustrations about the coalition are threatening to dent their whopping majority.

  • Just vote Conservative, whatever we've done

    PMQs verdict: Cameron just couldn't care less

    It was as if David Cameron was using an invisible blue rosette as his shield. No matter how grievous the problem he was confronted with, he deflected his answer and turned it into an appeal for a Tory vote.

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