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Clarke sounds off on Tory social policies
Ken Clarke calls Cameron’s marriage policy ‘social engineering’

By Laura Miller Ken Clarke has reportedly branded David Cameron’s tax plan for married couples as tantamount to “social engineering”, and an ill-advised lurch towards the policies of the “religious right” in America. The heavy criticisms, apparently made at a seminar in Nottingham last month – before Mr Clarke joined the shadow cabinet – are… Read more »

Cameron: Public will be told if we find intelligent life
Tories: We will come clean over UFOs

By Laura Miller David Cameron has promised to make public any secret files on UFOs if he becomes prime minister. Responding to a question about cover-ups of flying alien crafts, the Conservative leader pledged he would be “open and frank” about government knowledge of extraterrestrials. “I’m convinced we’ve been visited by aliens – one of… Read more »