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A first listen to a new wild food podcast

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) Eat Game initiative is launching a ground-breaking monthly podcast focused on wild game and its sustainability credentials. A spin-off from the official BASC Podcast, the Eat Game Podcast will serve the consumer market, with particular focus on those with a specific interest in sustainable food. Hosted by BASC’s resident… Read more »

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Family to challenge law requiring Christian RE and worship in NI schools

The High Court will consider a challenge to the laws requiring faith-based Christian religious education (RE) and collective worship in schools in Northern Ireland today. A non-religious family is mounting the legal challenge arguing the exclusively Christian nature of RE and worship violates their human rights. The case is being supported by Northern Ireland Humanists…. Read more »

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Gordon Brown still trails David Cameron
Poll bump for Labour after conference

Labour has halved the Conservatives’ lead in the polls following their party conference in Manchester, according to YouGov. Its poll for the Sun newspaper cuts the Tory lead by ten points to ten per cent, a dramatic improvement for Britain’s struggling governing party. Labour is up seven points to 31 per cent while the Conservatives… Read more »

George Osborn: speechless?
Comment: Tories speechless in financial crisis

Has anyone heard anything from the Tories recently? It’s a strange, almost dreamlike feeling, not having a Conservative spokesman waxing lyrical on every issues of the day. Suddenly, they are nowhere. There’s a good chance the Tories are feeling something they haven’t felt for a while – concern. Gordon Brown pulled a clever little trick… Read more »