Climate Change

Brits must change every aspect of their lives to fight climate change, David Miliband argues
Miliband: Brits must change entire lives for climate

To fight climate change UK residents will have to make changes to every aspect of their lives, David Miliband has said. The environment secretary said Britons have been “short-sighted” in their efforts at tackling environmental problems in the past. “Every part of the way we work, go to school, the way we live is going… Read more »

Government must end pension inequality for low-income workers

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) urges swift action to end the injustice that people on low incomes (mostly women) are charged 25 per cent more for their pension contributions due to the way their employers’ pensions schemes operate.

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David Cameron has said farming should exploits new trends for ethical and green produce
Cameron: Farming should go green

David Cameron has said farming has a positive future – if it exploits the new trends for ethical and green produce. Growing crops for bio-fuels, promoting the UK’s good animal welfare standards, demand for local food and organic produce all present opportunities for farmers in the years to come – the Conservative leader told the… Read more »