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Car tax divides MPs
Car tax divides MPs

The question of whether or not to impose green taxes on gas guzzling cars caused division in Westminster again today, with three members of an environmental commission launching a minority report calling the idea ‘retrospective taxation’ while the rest of the committee called for more radical proposals. While the environmental audit commission said the move… Read more »

MDU advises doctors on how to prevent a delayed diagnosis in prostate and testicular cancer
MDU continues ‘doctors for doctors’ ethos with new chief executive

The Medical Defence Union (MDU), the UK’s first and leading medical defence organisation for doctors, today announced that it has appointed Dr Matthew Lee as its new chief executive. Dr Lee will take over from Dr Christine Tomkins, who is retiring in September after a long career supporting MDU members. Dr Tomkins has been in… Read more »

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UK 'delusional' over climate change
UK ‘delusional’ over climate change

The UK has massively overstated its reduction in carbon emissions, say two new reports which cast a harsh light on Britain’s environmental policy. Government claims of reduced emissions are based on calculations which exclude significant contributing factors to global warming, the reports read. If aviation, shipping and the importing of goods are factored into the… Read more »