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BASC raises opposition to Welsh Government ban on snares

BASC is calling on the Welsh Government to present the evidence that supports their proposal to ban the use of snares. The call to legislate against snares has been included in a raft of proposals by the Welsh Government in their official response to the Agriculture (Wales) White Paper. This BASC Wales director Steve Griffiths,… Read more »

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The government is taking steps to accelerate its emission cuts
Govt ‘still failing’ on sustainable development

Government departments across Whitehall are failing to meet their carbon emission reduction targets, a report finds. The Sustainable Development Commission’s annual assessment of the government’s progress notes emissions are down four per cent on 1999/2000 levels. But it warns individual departments are “still not on track” to meet the 12.5 per cent target by 2010/11…. Read more »

Defra launches new campaign
Benn champions personal action against climate change

The government is hoping to capitalise on the publicity generated by Live Earth with a new campaign urging people to act on climate change. The latest initiative from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) encourages people to make small changes to reduce their individual carbon footprint. A series of newspaper and… Read more »