Blair welcomes collective approach to climate change

Tony Blair joined with big business leaders in London today as part of a new campaign to encourage individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.

Under the slogan We’re in this together, the Climate Group brought together eight major firms, including Tesco, British Gas and B&Q, to promote practical ways businesses, communities and the government can reduce carbon emissions.

Attending the event alongside environment secretary David Miliband, the prime minister said he fully supported the “inspiring and groundbreaking” campaign.

Mr Blair said: “The government will continue to give a lead in tackling climate change both at home and internationally to reduce emissions globally. By working together – as individuals, businesses and nations – we can meet this challenge and safeguard our way of life and our planet.”

The government will launch its own carbon dioxide calculator later this year to help individuals understand their impact on the environment. Around the same time, it will finalise a code of best practice on carbon offsetting in a bid to regulate the industry.

Speaking on the We’re in this together initiative, Mr Miliband added: “Climate change doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a business, a government, or an individual, it is a threat to us all and therefore a challenge for us all.”

Friends of the Earth said it welcomes any initiatives that make it cheaper and easier for individuals to make green choices.

“We welcome initiatives which make it cheaper and easier for people to go green. Many of the solutions to tackling climate change already exist, and the government would give them a major boost by strengthening its plans for a new climate change bill,” said Friends of the Earth director, Tony Juniper

“If successive governments were required to cut UK emissions by at least three per cent every year, it would ensure that global warming was at the heart of every policy and fast track Britain towards a low-carbon economy.”

The Climate Group is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to cutting carbon emissions. Founded in 2004, it seeks practical solutions, encouraging businesses and governments to lead the way towards a low carbon economy.