Local Government Structure

Local government structure

An overview of the local government structure in the UK, outlining the different tiers of councils and their respective powers.Read More
London government

London Government

An overview of the operation of London government, how it now works, and the various criticisms that have been levelled against the current structure.Read More
Unions protest in Westminster


Lobbying is a catch-all term to describe 'special interest' groups and their tactics to gain influence in the political process,. As former Prime Minister, David Cameron, has discovered, the influence of lobbyists is said to be at its greatest, when their activities go 'largely unnoticed by the public'.Read More


An overview of landfill, how it operates, its current level in the UK, its history, the role of the landfill tax, and the wider political debate on the issue.Read More

Levelling up

An overview of the concept of levelling up, what are the objectives, what it means in practice, statistics on the North South divide, and what are the criticisms of this new regional policy.Read More

Living Streets

We are Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking. We want to create a nation where walking is the natural choice for everyday, local journeys; free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illnesses and social isolation. We want to achieve a better walking environment and to inspire people of all...Read More

Leadbeater, Kim

Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Narrowly elected in bad tempered 2021 by-election. Former sports teacher and personal trainer. Community volunteer. Sister of the former MP, Jo Cox. Only joined Labour just before her election.Read More

Lopez, Julia

Conservative MP for Hornchurch. Culture Minister. Former researcher to a Conservative MP. Former Tower Hamlets councillor. Elected in 2017.Read More

Lake, Ben

Plaid Cymru MP for Ceredigion,. Plaid's youngest MP. Former party researcher in Cardiff, and Oxford University undergraduate.Read More

Longhi, Marco

Conservative MP for Dudley North. Elected in 2019. Trained as a pilot, worked in oil and gas, before building a property portfolio. Former Mayor of Walsall. Grew up in Rome, but supported Brexit.Read More

Logan, Mark

Conservative MP for Bolton North East. Former diplomat who worked‌ at the British Consulate-General in Shanghai. Also has a background in public relations. Speaks mandarin.Read More

Loder, Chris

Conservative MP for West Dorset. Elected in 2019. Former train guard who became a Manager with South West Trains. West Dorset Councillor. Christian who is a church organist and bell ringer.Read More

Lockhart, Carla

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP for Upper Bann. Farmer, and former MLA. The DUP's only woman MP, and one of the party's younger figures.Read More

Linden, David

SNP MP for Glasgow East. Former researcher for the SNP in Westminster, Holyrood, and Brussels. Keen fisherman.Read More

Lewer, Andrew

Conservative MP for Northampton South. Former leader of Derbyshire County Council, and one time Member of the European Parliament. Previously worked in publishing. Read More

Lewell-Buck, Emma

Labour MP for South Shields. Former social worker and South Tyneside councillor. Descendant of William Wouldhave, the inventor of the lifeboat.Read More

Levy, Ian

Conservative MP for Blyth Valley. First Conservative gain on election night in 2019. Worked as a mental health nursing assistant in the NHS, and once as a gravedigger. Read More

Largan, Robert

Conservative MP for High Peak. Elected in 2019. Former accountant who also worked in equity capital markets. Manchester United fan.Read More