Lammy criticises Cameron appointment as government needs ‘accountability more than ever’

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy today criticised the appointment of Lord Cameron as foreign secretary, telling MPs “this House needs government accountability more than ever”.

He said: “At a time of grave international crisis, at a moment of war in Europe, with a more assertive China, a climate emergency and a horrifying conflict in Gaza, this House needs government accountability more than ever”.

Minister of State at the Foreign Office Andrew Mitchell began his statement to commons today by reflecting on Lord Cameron’s elevation.

He said: “The foreign secretary, the business managers and I all believe it is essential this House properly scrutinises the work of the Foreign Office, especially as we face such a daunting set of challenges across the world.

“As Minister of State, I will follow the precedent set by successive governments of different parties from Lord Carrington and Lord Hume to more recent times with when Lord Mandelson has served in Cabinet from the House of Lords”.

He added: “I will deputise for the Foreign Secretary in this House, making regular statements like today’s and respecting the primacy of this House in the normal way”.