Angela Rayner to government frontbench: ‘The public know you laugh at them, they see it all the time’

Education secretary Gillian Keegan opened the second day of debate on the King’s Speech for the government today.

She told the House: “Education is the key that unlocks the door to opportunity. Get it right and it is the single most transformative thing that any government can do.

She added: “That is why this conservative government has spent the last 13 years doing just that”.

Angela Rayner responded: “Can I just say to the secretary of state, well done for the level and creativity and imagination in those opening remarks”.

Towards the end of her speech the deputy leader of the Labour Party appeared to react to laughter on the government frontbench , saying: “The public know you laugh at them, they see it all the time”.

“Sorry, Madam Deputy Speaker, I think the bench needs to listen. It would be good for them to understand what it’s like for working people in this country after they crashed the economy centre inflation sky high record numbers of tax burden on working people”.

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