LABOUR MARKET: Conservatives failures are costing families with jobs and living standards, says TUC

  • Unemployment and economic inactivity are rising, with employment falling
  • 2.8 million people are not working due to long-term sickness
  • If pay had grown at the pre-financial crisis rate the average worker would be earning £14,700 more a year

Responding to today’s (Tuesday) ONS labour market figures, which show:

  • Unemployment up quarterly by 85,000 and up annually by 94,000 to 4.2%
  • Economic inactivity up quarterly by 150,000, and up annually by 275,000 to 22.2%
  • Employment down quarterly by 156,000, and down annually by 195,000, to 74.5%

TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said:

“Working people have suffered the longest pay squeeze in more than 200 years thanks to the Conservative government.

“Living standards are still on the floor. And now unemployment is rising – a real worry for families needing work and young people looking for their first job.

“We need a fresh start with a proper plan for jobs and growth to make sure family incomes can recover and everyone feels secure at work.”

On a new record high for people out of work due to long-term sickness, Paul added:

“NHS waiting lists are near record levels. But instead of taking responsibility, the Tories are attacking people who are too sick to work. The nasty party is back!

“Our NHS is crying out for the investment needed to get waiting lists back down. When people can access treatment faster, they will return to work sooner.”