TUC – government is still “ducking the issue” of regulating AI at work

Commenting today (Tuesday) on the government’s AI White Paper consultation response, TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said:

“AI is already make life-changing decisions about the way we work – like how people are hired, performance-managed and even fired.

“That’s why we need employment-specific legislation to ensure AI is used fairly in the workplace.

“But the government is still ducking this issue by refusing to pass new laws and to give workers and business the certainty they need.

“A minimalist approach to regulating AI is not going cut it. It will just leave many at risk of exploitation and discrimination”

Commenting on the need to involve unions in AI policy-making, Paul Nowak added:

“Working people must be given a seat at the table.

“In America’s unions have been put at the heart of AI policy-making.

“But in the UK unions have been marginalised along with broader civil society.”

AI taskforce

In September the TUC launched a new AI taskforce to safeguard workers’ rights and to ensure AI benefits all.

The taskforce has brought together leading specialists in law, technology, politics, HR and the voluntary sector.

It will publish an expert-drafted AI and Employment Bill this year and will lobby to have it incorporated into UK law.

AI summit exclusion

Unions were excluded from Rishi Sunak’s AI summit in November.