Firefighters’ union slams ‘punishment budget’ with ‘obscene giveaways’ for the rich

Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack has blasted the Chancellor’s ‘Punishment ‘Budget’ for workers and ‘obscene giveaways’ for the super rich.

Wrack said the autumn statement was a reheated Mini-Budget delivered by the short-lived government of Liz Truss that sparked an economic meltdown.

However, Wrack said the Tories are once again making workers and benefit claimants pay for the crisis with more austerity.

Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union general secretary, said:

“The Chancellor has delivered a ‘Truss-enomics’ style autumn statement, with tax cuts for the wealthiest.

“This ‘Mini-Budget Mark 2’ is a betrayal of working people and hard-pressed families during a cost of living crisis.

“The multi millionaire Chancellor has unveiled obscene giveaways for City bankers, property tycoons, and others in his own ‘super-rich boss class’.

“Meanwhile, with his refusal to fund decent pay for workers, public services and relief for the most vulnerable, Jeremy Hunt has shown two fingers to hard pressed families.”

Wrack added:

“It’s diabolical that this government led by obscenely wealthy figures like Hunt and Rishi Sunak has used a budget during a cost of living crisis to cut already derisory welfare benefits and to persecute claimants.

“This is a ‘punishment budget’ from the Tories for workers who now face more real terms pay cuts.

“The Chancellor’s autumn statement will make the poverty epidemic more severe.

“The Fire Brigades Union will fiercely resist any further cuts to public services, and attacks on workers’ pay.

“Britain desperately needs a government that will deliver a budget to properly fund decent wages and public services, by taxing the wealthiest and their assets.”