Autumn Statement – Friends of the Earth reaction

Reacting to today’s Autumn Statement, Friends of the Earth’s head of policy, Mike Childs, said:

“With crucial UN climate talks less than a week away, there was little in this statement to boost the UK’s rapidly evaporating credibility on climate change.

“There was cold comfort for the millions of households bracing themselves for yet another winter in damp, freezing homes that they can’t afford to heat. Yet again the Chancellor was silent on the need for a national drive to insulate homes – the most significant measure to reduce sky-high energy bills.

“Nearly two years into the energy bills crisis, we desperately need the strength of leadership to tackle the root of the problem: our woefully heat-leaking housing stock and reliance on fossil fuels.

“Instead, we’ve seen more handouts for the fossil fuel industry, failed auctions to build offshore wind, and plummeting insulation installation rates. It’s hard to imagine how this government could be doing a worse job.”