Bond and INTRAC launch new partnership to provide training programmes for NGOs

Today, Wednesday 18 October, Bond and INTRAC are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide training and learning opportunities for Bond’s membership.

The Bond-INTRAC partnership will bring together knowledge and expertise to actively support the UK INGO sector and model how strategic collaboration can work in practice.

We will work together, drawing on our diverse relationships, and the insights we gain through our interactions with actors across the sector to provide high-quality training and thought leadership to INGOs in their practice, supporting them and strengthening longer-term change within the sector. This is especially important given many organisations working in international development are reimagining their roles as they respond to the ethical challenges of localisation, decolonisation and explore the realities of working in different ways.


INTRAC specialises in the following training areas which will be available to all Bond members: Advocacy Strategy and Influencing Skills (ASIS), Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (AMES), Partner Capacity Strengthening (PCS). INTRAC also design tailor-made in-house training to suit the needs of organisations. Through their global partnerships, INTRAC is diversifying their training content, trainers pool and offer for the future.

Speaking about the partnership, Bond’s Director of Membership and Communications, Michael Wright said: 

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with INTRAC to offer the international development sector specialist training programmes catered to organisation’s needs. This is an opportunity for us to share resources and skills effectively and create extra value for the sector as a whole. We look forward to developing the partnership further over the coming months and years.”

Kate Newman, CEO of INTRAC said: 

“We are very excited to be working in partnership with Bond as we expand and diversify our training offer. We have a long history of providing training to the UK INGO sector, supporting them to play positive and progressive roles in their partnerships with civil society organisations across the globe. Looking forward, this collaboration will provide an excellent opportunity to bring training ideas and content from our partners based across the globe to a UK audience, opening up space for civil society actors in Africa, Asia and Latin America to support the UK INGO sector as they evolve their practice.”