UK Foreign Secretary’s pledges at the UN GA SDG Summit

Bond reacts to UK pledges at the UN SDG Summit as part of the 78th UN General Assembly 



Today, Tuesday 19 September, at the UN SDG Summit, the UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly will announce pledges and reforms from the UK to build a more inclusive international financial system including new financial guarantees for Multilateral Development Banks.


The two-day UN SDG Summit will conclude today as part of the wider UN General Assembly following Monday’s adoption of the Political Declaration to accelerate action to achieve the 17 goals by world leaders.


In reaction to the UK’s pledges and the outcomes of the SDG summit, Gideon Rabinowitz, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Bond, the UK network for NGOs, said: 

“The adoption of the Political Declaration by world leaders is welcome, but the absence of the UK’s Prime Minister calls into question the government’s reassurances on their commitment to achieving the SDGs by 2030.


“The UK’s pledge to reform global financial architecture to ensure a fairer and more inclusive system is welcome, however, the UK’s actions and financial commitments are lagging behind.


“For the UK to show it is a reliable partner on sustainable development it should stand behind initiatives proposed by lower-income countries, such as debt relief and supporting the UN Tax Convention.


“The upcoming White Paper is an opportunity for the UK to act on its commitments and to embed responsibility for the SDGs across government.”