Paving the way to Net Zero: Guide to Jobs in Energy

Today, the Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum has released its ‘Guide to Jobs in Energy’ highlighting the variety of jobs within the energy sector.

The guide aims to inspire people to join the sector, through driving awareness about the diversity of careers available and the different pathways to entry. It covers technical roles in engineering and STEM fields, as well as innovation, policy influencing, and organisations that provide a service to the sector.

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK said:

“The energy industry will play a vital role in helping the UK decarbonise and yet it is well documented that there is a skills gap that could be detrimental to achieving our Net Zero target. 

“Hundreds of thousands of new jobs need to be filled by 2050 and there is a need for people who understand communications, marketing, or have commercial skills, alongside people who can invent things and solve technical issues. 

“It’s important that people from all backgrounds can see themselves working in our sector, and this guide, as well as the wider work of the YEP Forum, will help people at the start of their working life understand how they can have a long-term career with purpose.” 

Phil McNally, YEP Forum Chair and Research Fellow at UCL, said:

“The transition to Net Zero will require a monumental effort from hundreds of thousands of people to deliver all the new infrastructure we need and solve the challenges ahead of us with innovative ideas. These jobs span all corners of the economy, including engineering, policy, finance, and marketing to name just a few. 

“This skills gap is a significant challenge but also a fantastic opportunity for people to play a role in the defining challenge of our time.” 

The Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum is a network for those with up to 10 years of experience in the energy industry. It aims to develop the next generation of energy industry professionals, providing opportunities to collaborate, develop and recognise successes.

In addition to this jobs guide, the Forum organises site visits to energy projects across the country, networking events and panel discussions, and produces thought leadership on perspectives from early careers professionals, including last year’s report: Tomorrow’s ideas, today: Resolving the Energy Trilemma.

The YEP Forum also recognises up-and-coming talent across the industry with its annual awards ceremony, this year taking place on Thursday 16th November 2023.

It is completely free to become a member of the Forum – join the YEP Forum today for access to events, site visits, networking opportunities and much more.