BASC raises opposition to Welsh Government ban on snares

BASC is calling on the Welsh Government to present the evidence that supports their proposal to ban the use of snares.

The call to legislate against snares has been included in a raft of proposals by the Welsh Government in their official response to the Agriculture (Wales) White Paper. This

BASC Wales director Steve Griffiths, said: “As one of several stakeholder organisations involved in the development of the Welsh Government’s code of best practice on the use of snares in fox control, BASC has been consistent in showcasing the importance of snares to farming and land management practices. Their continued use is an important tool for protecting livestock, poultry and ground nesting birds against predation from foxes.

“The code offers a means of controlling the use of snares in Wales whilst seeking to deliver the highest animal welfare standards and minimise risk to non-target species. We are unaware of any new evidence that leaves the code out of date or requiring further legislation.

“We oppose the proposal to ban snares in Wales and will continue to stress their importance to politicians across the country. We are working with partner organisations to ensure this vital management tool remains at the disposal of farmers, conservationists and land managers.”