Lead ammunition call for evidence launches

BASC will be responding to a call for evidence launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on lead ammunition.

The call for evidence forms part of a government review into the impact of lead ammunition on the environment, wildlife and people. The HSE’s call for evidence, launched this week, is one of a series of public consultations being held over the next 18 months under the UK’s new post-Brexit chemical regulations referred to as ‘UK REACH’. The eight-week call for evidence covers England, Wales and Scotland.

Dan Reynolds, BASC’s director England, said: “BASC will be closely involved with the Health and Safety Executive’s lead ammunition review to ensure it objectively evaluates the evidence and that restriction proposals consider the complex mix of socio-economics, technical factors and attitudes. A key principle we must not lose sight of is that further legal restrictions must not be imposed until effective and affordable types of sustainable ammunition are available in sufficient volumes to meet demand.

“Ammunition manufacturers in the UK and abroad are developing new products, which is a significant financial investment, and the amount of non-lead ammunition required for the UK and world-wide markets with current production facilities is going to be very challenging.”

The call for evidence, which runs until 22 October, can be found here: