Levelling Up

Levelling Up is a good objective and London has an important role to play in delivering the levelling up agenda for all parts of the UK. Reducing inequality, encouraging economic growth, and generating greater opportunity needs to happen in all corners of the country to ensure that the UK succeeds – but any plan which aims to level up the country must not draw investment away from London. 

LCCI believes that levelling up will have a far greater chance of succeeding if London is recognised and treated as the economic engine room of ‘Global Britain’. London is a global financial, legal, creative and media centre of the world, a powerhouse of business, industry, trade, investment and global influence that enables prosperity right across the United Kingdom. This makes London’s role in the UK economy all the more critical – its attractiveness, reputation, capital markets and status have a key part to play in the positioning of Global Britain. Fostering and investing in its success benefits the whole of the UK, and makes the goals of levelling up far more achievable.