Walk to School campaign

Living Streets is the charity behind the UK’s biggest walk to school programme.

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school. Now it’s less than half. The Government has a target of 55% of primary school children walking to school by 2025.

Living Streets works with schools nationwide to enable and encourage families to walk to school. Schools taking part in WOW – its walk to school challenge see walking rates increase by 23% with a 30% reduction in cars at the school gates, helping to reduce congestion, air pollution and road danger.

The charity also carries out School Route Audits, assessing local streets and making tailored recommendations to local authorities that would improve the journey to school, including slower speeds, better crossings or car-free zones.

The charity has support and guidance for families, schools and local authorities on improving the journey to school.

Find out more at livingstreets.org.uk/WalkToSchool

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