The Care We Want

The Care We Want enables people to have the highest quality of life, with dignity and independence. It gives us agency, choice, and control.

Adult social care has for too long been synonymous with institutionalised care. High-quality care can be accessed in several different environments; it can be delivered in our homes and communities. People should be enabled to live at home and remain in their communities unless their needs can only be met elsewhere. Home and care are intertwined; and the future must be about creating a diversity of supports to facilitate adults of all ages to live as independently as possible, in their own homes, with the care and support they need, for as long as possible.

Social care is immense; to shape more efficient and sustainable care fit for the future, we need to work with a range of partners, such as the VCSE sector, care providers and commissioners, the NHS and Government; and we have to work alongside those of us who access care and support, placing their voices at the forefront of a national conversation about reforming and evolving care.

There is much to be done – the case for adult social care reform is well established. Whether viewed from the standpoint of someone who needs care and support today, millions more of us who will need care in the future, unpaid carers, or those of us who work in the sector, reform is essential. At its best adult social care transforms and enables lives, we must now enable social care to do what it does best.

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