Poll: Tories haemorrhaging support as Ukip benefits

The Tories have lost one-sixth of their support over the last two months, according to a shocking new poll which will further boost Ukip's reputation.

The eurosceptic party rose six points to ten per cent support, according to the Times/Populus poll. The survey put them just below the Liberal Democrats, who were up two on 11%.

The Tories were down six points on 29% – the lowest rating for the party since David Cameron became prime minister. Labour was unchanged on 40%.

The results come amid an extremely negative assessment of the EU, suggesting Ukip's eurosceptic policies were bolstering its standing with the public.

Fewer than one in five voters had a positive view of the EU, while 54% had a negative view.

Over a third of the 1,512 respondents believed Britain would be better off out the EU – up three points over the last six months.