'Unfit to stand trial': MP faces expenses judgement

Moran before her demise
Moran before her demise

By Charles Maggs

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran has received a two year supervision and treatment order for fiddling her expenses.

She was sentenced in her absence due to mental health problems.

Between 2004-08, she claimed more than £50,000 she was not entitled to by 'flipping' her properties and claiming repairs on a property she owned in Southampton, despite being MP for Luton.

Mr Justice Sanders defended his decision not to hand down a custodial sentence.

"There will inevitably be feelings among some that Mrs Moran has 'got away with it'," he said.

"What the court has done and has to do is to act in accordance with the law of the land and on the basis of the evidence that it hears."

Moran was MP for Luton for thirteen years before standing down at the last general election.

However, she has not received a criminal conviction as she was adjudged to be unfit to face trial.


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