Poll: Voters don’t know what ‘snake’ Cameron believes

A disastrous new poll for David Cameron suggests voters associate him with a snake and have no idea what he believes in.

The YouGov survey for the Sun will make depressing reading for the prime minister as he prepares for the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

Asked what kind of animal the prime minister most reminded them of, 20% answered snake, 14% said labrador and eight per cent said poodle.

More worryingly for the prime minister, 55% of the said they no longer knew what Cameron stands for.

A third felt he had not lived up the expectations and just 13% said he had done a good job so far.

The poll could not come at a worse time for Cameron. David Davis, his rival when he went for the leadership, added to the row over Andrew Mitchell last night when he told House magazine the Tory chief whip would find it "very, very hard" to control the Tory party in his new role.

Meanwhile Liam Fox took to the Daily Telegraph to say the Conservative party was suffering from a "disconnection from its core supporters".

He added: "The potential share of the Conservative vote sitting in the Ukip column of opinion polls should give us cause for real concern."

Cameron will also have to swallow constant speculation about Boris Johnson's leadership ambitions during the conference, including what is likely to be a rapturous reception for the London mayor.