Warsi cleared over expenses

By politics.co.uk staff

Baroness Warsi survived an inquiry into her expenses today when the standards commissioner cleared her of a breach of the rules.

The move means Warsi has a chance at being moved to the head of a government department in the expected Cabinet reshuffle this summer.

"I believe that being a member of the House of Lords is a privilege and I take that privilege seriously," she said.

"I have always maintained that the allegations surrounding my expenses were untrue and I am delighted that Paul Kernaghan has dismissed them.

"His report and the report by Sir Alex Allan – two independent inquiries – have now drawn a line under these matters and my only focus now will be to get on with my job."

Warsi was accused of wrongly claiming allowances for overnight stays in London while living rent-free.

She was previously cleared over a ministerial breach for a trip to Pakistan during which she brought a business associate with her.