Post-Budget poll: Osborne suffers, but Labour doesn’t benefit

By staff

The first poll conducted since the Budget shows George Osborne has taken seriously political damage as a result of the document.

The YouGov survey for the Sun found 50% of people thought Mr Osborne was doing a bad job as chancellor, while just 28% thought he was doing a good job.

Just 32% of respondents thought the Budget was fair, compared to 48% who thought it was unfair.

Fifty-six per cent believe the 'richest people in Britain' will pay less tax as a result of the Budget, while just 21% believe the government that they will pay more.

A clear majority – 37% to 24% – believe the British economy is weaker now as a result of the coalition government's policy.

The granny tax is also deeply unpopular, with 64% opposing its phase out. That figure rises to 79% among the over-60s, the group most likely to vote in elections.

Mr Osborne will be relieved the figures do not translate to an improvement in Labour support, however.

The chancellor still has a six point lead over Ed Balls.

When asked whether they trust the Tories on the economy, just 34% said yes, but that is still above the 24% who trust Labour.

The poll put Labour on 42 per cent — eight points ahead of the Tories. The Liberal Democrats are on nine per cent.