Energy companies attacked as hypothermia deaths soar

By staff

There were calls for energy bills to be slashed last night as evidence emerged of a dramatic rise in deaths from hypothermia.

The increased death toll coincides with a surge in energy prices, prompting extraordinary anger among campaigners.

A total of 260 people died from the condition in 2010/11, up from 135 in 2006/07.

The figures could not come at a worse time for the 'big six' energy companies, whichpublish profit numbers later this month.

Three-quarters of the victims were elderly people. Hospital admissions for the over-60ssuffering hypothermia rose 120% in the same period, hitting 1,396 last year compared to 633 five years ago.

The rise in hospital admissions comes amid a 40% rise in energy bills over the same time period.

At least three million pensioners are now estimated to live in fuel poverty.

Graph showing utility prices for the last 20 years

Infographic provided by Castle Cover