Two months later: Miliband and Cameron set for dust up

By staff

David Cameron and Ed Miliband will get back to the bear pit today after a couple of months off for the summer holiday.

This week's PMQs is likely to focus on the economy or the NHS, with MPs voting on the government's controversial health and social care bill in the afternoon.

The Labour leader might also be tempted to focus on the economy, given George Osborne's reluctant acceptance of a downward revision of economic expectations in the City last night.

The two men have not been starved for opportunities to face each other across the despatch box over the summer months, however.

The end of the last parliamentary term was extended for a day so MPs could debate the phone-hacking scandal – a session in which Mr Cameron dramatically promised to apologise if Andy Coulson was later found guilty of wrongdoing.

Parliament then sat again in August after the riots in major cities for an altogether more collegiate exchange, but the two leaders still disagreed on the appropriate inquiry to hold in the aftermath of the disorder.

Recent polls have shown the Labour lead over the Conservatives diminishing to as little as one per cent, down from a high during the phone-hacking scandal.