Marginal voters still undecided

By staff

Nearly half of voters in marginal seats have still not decided how to vote, a new poll has revealed.

An Ipsos Mori poll for Reuters in seats held by Labour but necessary for a Tory majority found that 46% of voters may yet change their minds.

The report says that normally only a quarter of people are still undecided with a week to go to polling day.

The poll says that voters favouring the Conservatives aremost settled in their choice, with 65% saying they would not switch preference.

Only 51% of probable Labour voters were so certain and that figure dropped to 42% amongst likely Liberal Democrat voters.

Two in five of the undecided voters said they could switch to the Lib Dems, while one in five could still be won over by Labour or the Conservatives.

In the constituencies surveyed, Labour lead the voting intention poll, at 38%, three point ahead of the Tories at 35% with the Lib Dems in third at 21%.

Such a result in these Labour/Conservative marginals would leave the Tories short of winning the 117 seats they need to take from the governing party in order to have an overall majority.