The polls: Instant reaction to the third leaders’ debate brings you the instant reaction polls to the final leaders’ debate as they come in.

The first poll was put out by Channel 4 News before the end of the debate. It gave Nick Clegg 47%, Gordon Brown 36% and David Cameron 17%.

It was a self-selecting Channel 4 audience web poll, ongoing through the debate.

A ComRes/ITV debate poll put Mr Cameron at 35%, Mr Clegg on 33% and Mr Brown on 26%.

YouGov/Sun had a bigger win for Mr Cameron, on 41%, with Mr Clegg on 32% and Mr Brown on 25%.

A surprising Channel 4 final poll saw Mr Brown winning with 44%, Mr Clegg on 42% and Mr Cameron on 13%.

Angus Reid also give the debate to the Conservative leader, but back in the mid 30s, at 37%. Mr Clegg was at 30% and Mr Brown at 23%.

Populus for the Times called it a draw; Mr Cameron and Clegg level on 38%, with the prime minister on 25%.

ICM for the Guardian saw Mr Cameron win with 35%, Mr Brown second at 29% and Mr Clegg at 27%.

ITV worm figures showed how their 20-strong focus group rated the three leaders. On this measure, Clegg won. His average score was 2.4. Brown came next, with 2.34. Cameron came last, with a score of 2.25.

The only voting intention polls conducted since ‘bigotgate’, but before tonight’s debate, showed little change.

Tomorrow’s YouGov/Sun trackers gives the Conservatives 34%, no change, the Lib Dems losing three to drop to 28% and Labour steady on 27%.

A Populus voting intention poll says The Conservatives and Lib Dems are neck and neck on 36% – with the Toris gaining a point and the Lib Dems holding. Labour remains steady at 24%.