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Hamid Karzai wants focus on "stability", not "investigations"
Brown relief after Karzai’s Afghanistan concession

By Alex Stevenson Gordon Brown praised Hamid Karzai as “statesmanlike” after the Afghan president conceded he could not be re-elected without a second round. The incumbent looked like receiving the required overall majority before Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission dismissed nearly a third of votes because of suspicions of fraud. Following the recount he only won… Read more »

Akll women shortlists are often resented by local parties
Cameron promises all-women shortlists

By Ian Dunt David Cameron has promised to introduce all-women shortlists at the next general election. The Tory leader told the Speaker’s conference on diversity on Westminster that the party would soon enter what he called its ‘by-election procedure’. This would allow it to require local parties to adopt all-women shortlists. Mr Cameron suggested he… Read more »